Indiana Wesleyan UniversityIn the will of the Lord, we will hold our 45th annual Family Conference as follows:


Wednesday, July 3 – Sunday, July 7, 2024


Indiana Wesleyan University, Marion, IN





Theme Verse:

If you continue in My word, then you are truly My disciples;  and you will know the truth, and the truth will set you free. – John 8:31-32


Viji Roberts, Mississauga, Canada
Thomas Rajan, Dallas, TX
Jon Glock, Dubuque, IA
To be announced

Plenary Sessions

Abstract: In John’s Gospel, the first followers of Jesus were disciples of John the Baptist (John 1:35–37). They start to follow Jesus when John the Baptist identifies Him as the Lamb of God, and only after this does Jesus turn and tell them to follow Him. In John’s Gospel, the usual circumstance of Jesus calling His disciples is only partially true. There is a strong contrast between disciples and non-disciples in John. A disciple is one who believes and accepts Jesus’ claims about His identity (John 6:69). Such a belief will then radically change the life of the disciple, resulting in externally recognizable marks of one’s belief: that the disciples love each other (John 13:34–35), that they stick to Jesus’ words (John 6:66–68), and that their lives bear fruit (John 15:8).

Throughout the Gospels, Peter’s interactions with Jesus Christ and the disciples reflect a person who is impulsive, ambitious, self-assertive, and quick to commit without fully understanding the meaning of words or actions of the Lord. Peter exhibits the outspoke character, willing to challenge actions and teachings (John 13:6) of the Lord. Although quick to commit to Lord’s challenges (John 13:9), he is unsteady in demonstrating his commitment during time of Lord’s suffering (John 18:15, 25). However, Peter is transformed in John 21 from the ambitious, self-motivated, impulsive, and inconsistent follower of Jesus, to the fully committed disciple of the Lord. Lord

Session 1: Freedom of Discipling

“If you continue in My word, then you are truly My disciples;  and you will know the truth, and the truth will set you free.” John 8:31, 32

In the backdrop of Jesus Christ our Lord as the ultimate example of disciple maker (discipler), the discussion will bring forth His discipling characteristics.

Study Portion: John 8:12 -59

In this session, we will discuss a true disciple, both disciple maker and disciple that – they continue to abide in His Word.  They are not saved by abiding in His Word, but they abide in His Word because they are saved. They are already believed and have come to know that Jesus Christ is the Holy One of God John 6:69.  We will discuss Justification by faith as the beginning of discipleship.  Disciple maker knows and experienced the Light of the world, and freedom in Christ to continue in His word, to trust and encourage one whom they disciple to follow Jesus every day in this dark world. We will cover the promise made to every true disciple to know the truth, and how truth sets them free.

Session 2: Mark of Discipling

By this all people will know that you are My disciples: if you have love for one another.”  John 13:35

Jesus Christ our Lord as the ultimate example of disciple maker (discipler) have- loved His own who were in the world, He loved them to the end.

Study Portion: John 13:1-38

In this session, we will discuss the identifying mark of a true disciple, both disciple maker  and disciple that – they have love for one another. They love because Christ have loved them first. They are given a new commandment to love one another, just as He Loved them John 13:34. Disciple maker knows and experienced Love of Christ, in the midst of heart condition of betrayal and denial, and how Christ comforted the true disciples “”Do not let your hearts be troubled” . We will discuss Sanctification by faith as the ongoing process to be Christ-like in discipleship.  How we are being saved from the power of sin and the practice of sin. How we are given the power to love God and what God loves. This requires divine power, and this power is only given to those indwelt by the Spirit.

Session 3: Fruit of Discipling

My Father is glorified by this, that you bear much fruit, and so prove to be My disciples. John 15:8

Jesus Christ our Lord as the ultimate example of disciple maker (discipler) have- glorified the Father through obedience, by doing exactly as He commanded John 14:31

Study Portion: John 14:15-31; 15:1-17; 16:1-15

In this session, we will discuss the characteristics of a true disciple, both disciple maker and disciple that – they bear much fruit through obedience. The obey because Christ obeyed the Father and they are in Christ. Believers can bear the fruit of a-Christ-like character is by living in touch with Christ moment by moment. This means how well each disciple yields to the pruning, correcting, lifting, encouraging of the Lord. Lord is patient in this process with each disciple. We will discuss Live by Faith as the ongoing process to have a fruit-bearing life. Disciple maker knows and experienced Victory in Christ, in the world that hates believers John 15:20.  In spite of the rejection by the world, the Spirit of Truth from the Father helps the disciple through the comforting and convicting ministry.

Session 4: Consecration of Discipling

John 17: 19 “And for their sakes I sanctify Myself, so that they themselves also may be sanctified in truth.”

Jesus Christ our Lord as the ultimate example of disciple maker (discipler), who sanctified Himself fully for the sake of His disciples to be sanctified in truth to be fully committed witnesses in the world. John 17:19. 

Study Portion: John 16:16-33; 17: 1-26

In this session, we will discuss the characteristics of a true disciple, both disciple maker and disciple that – they are perfected in unity for a consecrated life with blessed testimony.

In this high priestly prayer of our Lord, a perfect unity of these disciples is in His heart. This unity is not of this world, not put together by human effort or human spirit. Lord set Himself apart for the work His Father sent Him to do—that is, His sacrificial death. His sanctification is the pattern and the power for the disciples. We will discuss Walk by Faith as the ongoing process to have a consecrated life.  Disciple maker knows and experienced Peace of Christ, in the world of tribulation, can remind the disciple to take courage John 16:32, 33

Session 5: Contentment of Discipling

John 21:22 Jesus said to him, “If I want him to remain until I come, what is that to you? You follow Me!”

Jesus Christ our Lord as the ultimate example of disciple maker, who said “My food is to do the will of Him who sent Me and to finish His work.” John 4:34

Study Portion: John 18:1-27; 20:1-10; 21:1-23

In this session, we will discuss the characteristics of a true disciple, both disciple maker (discipler), and disciple that – they are perfectly content with the work Lord has given to each.

Lord have taken the character of an outspoken person of the disciples, willing to challenge Jesus actions and teachings (John 13:6) to become one who boldly proclaim the gospel. He was quick to commit to Jesus’ challenges (John 13:9), he was unsteady in demonstrating his commitment during Jesus’ time of suffering (John 18:15, 25). Lord was gentle & gracious with him because He loved him to the end. It was the faithfulness of Lord Peter that sustained Peter all the days of his life. Now there was only one command His master has for him “Feed my sheep”. Lord told him at the end of his life, he would be arrested, bound, and carried off to execution. Peter would glorify God by dying as a martyr. He who had denied the Lord would be given courage to lay down his life for Him. As Peter saw John, the thought probably crossed his mind, “What about John? The Lord’s answer was that Peter should not be concerned about John’s latter days. Finally, Peter is transformed from the ambitious, self-motivated, impulsive, and inconsistent follower of Jesus, to the fully committed, charismatic disciple of the Lord, to become a humble “co-elder” serving the great shepherd.

We will discuss Persevere in faith as the ongoing process to have a life of joy & contentment. Disciple maker knows and experienced eternal security in Christ, in the world of distractions, can remind the disciple “all that the Father gives me will come to me” and “I shall lose none of them that He has given me” John 6:37, 39. All who have been “born again” have eternal security and will persevere to complete the work Lord have given to each.


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Other Meetings & Opportunities for Fellowship:

In addition to the above Plenary Sessions, Workshops, and Youth Sessions, there are many other meetings and other opportunities for fellowship.  The following is a list of the many meetings and events:

  • Men’s Fellowship Meeting
  • Women’s Fellowship Meeting
  • Young Children’s VBS
  • Youth Classes (KG-3, 4-6, 7-8, and High School)
  • Ministry Reports
  • Nursery during Plenary Sessions
  • Hymn sings
  • Excellent Gymnasium (racquetball, volleyball, basketball, exercise room, running/walking track, outdoor tennis courts)


Registration link will be available in May 2024.


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