How is IBF Run?

The Indian Brethren Fellowship is a consensus based organization and is not a “one man ministry”. There is a committee of God-fearing, capable brethren who are in local Assembly fellowship who meet together to determine the future of IBF. This committee is made up of two smaller committees. There is the Spiritual Advisory Committee (SAC) and the Executive Committee (EC). The purpose of the SAC is (1) to advise the executive committee on spiritual and practical matters (2) To improve communication with families and Assemblies in their respective areas (3) To provide help at the conference by taking various responsibilities. The SAC can only advice and cannot actually vote on matters and issues related to the running of the IBF. The purpose of the EC is (1) to decide upon the various issues and matters regarding the running of the IBF conferences and seminars (2) provide help prior to and at the conferences and seminars with taking on various responsibilities. The SAC and the EC officially meet together twice a year (more if needed) to discuss and determine the running of the conferences and seminars and the future of IBF. The SAC and the EC members are in fellowship at various local assemblies but are not representing their assembly.

Who are the Committee Members?

The following are the current SAC members:
Babu Kunjummen Dallas, TX
The following are the current EC members:
Elson Abraham Dallas, TX
George Abraham Staten Island, NY
John George Sudbury, MA
Jaby Jacob Long Island, NY
Regimon Kallinkal Garnet Valley, PA
James Kuruvilla Atlanta, GA
George Mathew Lake Forest, IL
Jebby Tommy Washington Twp, MI
Srini Tumati St.Louis, MO
Alex Thomas Atlanta, GA
George Varghese Lees Summit, MO
Mathews C. Varghese New Hyde Park, NY
The following brothers served in the committee in the past:
Samuel Mathew Hartsdale, NY
C.V. Baby Agra, Uttar Pradesh, India
Sid Bhatt Wilmington, Delaware
Kamlaker Dandeker Adelphi, MD
Kalleckal Jacob Ajax, Ontario
K.M. John Coral Spring, FL
George Kurian Dallas, TX
C.S. Mathew Brampton, Ontario
Kurian Parayil Shore View, MN
Joseph Raju Sterling Heights, MI
Jaison Raju Sterling Heights, MI
John Chacko Sterling Heights, MI
Sam Cherian Troy, MI
Alexander Kurian Dallas, TX
James P. Mathew Warren, MI
Johnson John Broomall, PA
A. John Baby Nanuet, NY
James Jacob Collegeville, PA
Thomas Kurian Floral Park, NY
Chris Varghese Glenside, PA
Thomas Chacko Pittsboro, NC
George P. John Dallas, TX
Shaji George Lawrenceville, GA
Matthew Sebastian Brampton, Ontario
Abraham Samuel Bellerose, NY

Who are the Office Bearers?

For legal purposes we have the following officers on legal correspondence:
President George Varghese, Lees Summit, MO
Vice-President Elson Abraham, Dallas, TX
Secretary Jaby Jacob, Long Island, NY
Joint-Secretary Regimon Kallinkal, Garnet Valley, PA
Treasurer George Mathew, Lake Forest, IL
Joint-Treasurer Jebby Tommy, Washington Twp, MI
For the running of the IBF, these offices have no bearing and all committee members hold equal position and responsibility. The term of these offices are three (3) years.

What remuneration does the committee members and/or the office bearers receive?

The service of every committee member is without any remuneration. For attending the committee meetings and the conferences, the committee members must pay for their own travel costs (including any gas, plane fare, taxi, car rentals, etc), hotel costs, food costs, conference fees (full fee and registration).

Who else helps in the running of the IBF Conference?

For the successful running of the conferences and seminars, we request and enlist the help and support of many people. These brothers and sisters faithfully and selflessly volunteer their services also at no reward or payment. IBF would not be successful without their help, support and prayers.

Why do you hold the conferences at college campuses?

There is no hard and fast rule that the conference must be held on a College Campus. Since the IBF Annual Conference is a Family Conference, we look for two primary things in the venue. 1. The Location must be conducive to a spiritual gathering of God’s people with minimal distractions. We’ve found that a secluded college campus to fit the best. 2. We look for low cost such that an average family can afford to come.

Where have you held your conferences in the past?

The IBF annual conference has been held in the following locations in the past: Greenwood Hill Bible Center, Fayatteville, PA Messiah College, Granthan, PA Nazarene College, Mount Vernon, OH Covenant College of Fellowship, Lookout Mountain, GA James Madison University, Harrisonburg, VA Eastern Mennonite University, Harrisonburg, VA Indiana Wesleyan University, Marion, IN Asbury College, Wilmore, KY

What is the primary language used at the conference?

Since more than half our faithful attendees are young people and non Malayalee, the primary language used during the conference is English. Most of the General Sessions, Workshops are conducted in English such that everyone coming will understand. There are however, meetings in Malayalam, translations to Malayalam of some Messages, Malayalam Hymns sung, etc.

Is the IBF conference primarily for children or are there programs for children?

The IBF Annual conference is a family conference and as such, there are programs for all age groups. We especially plan programs for young school age children for each day such that they will also learn from the Word of God. Typically, there are programs for all ages from 1st grade and up.

Who are the speakers at the conference?

We look for capable and experienced brethren used of the Lord from the Assembly gatherings throughout the world without regard to their country of origin or race. Because many of the able brothers are booked well in advance, we try to book speakers at least a year or more in advance. There are able brothers in both US and Canada that we make use of at the conferences. There are also capable preachers and teachers who visit from India who are also requested to take part in the conference depending upon when we learn of their arrival. We typically select speakers and topics at least six (6) months in advance and at times more than a year in advance.

How do you determine the costs of the conference?

We try to ensure that each year’s conference cost are met by that year’s conference attendees (including committee members). Each year, there is a charge per person that is determined based upon the costs of the conference (room charges, facility charges, food costs, mailings, rentals of classrooms, equipments, etc.). In addition, we take one or two offerings depending on the financial condition to offset such things as gifts to invited speakers, write off for invited speakers, evangelists, etc. Once all the bills are paid, there is typically only enough money left over to pay for the deposit and advance for next year’s conference.

What are some of the ministries IBF is involved in?

The IBF has organized and/or sponsored the following conferences and seminars in the past: – Annual Conference – Winter Retreat – Leadership Seminars – Couples Seminars Information about these as new ones are scheduled will be available on the website.